• DLF Magnolias
  • DLF Apartments
  • Golf Course Road
  • 6400 (Sq. Ft)
  • 4 BHK,
  • Rent / Sale
  • 300,000/- on Rent


DLF Magnolias, Golf Course Road Gurgaon

4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments available for rent and sale in DLF Magnolias Gurgaon. DLF Magnolias is an elite apartment community located in Gurgaon's upscale Golf Course neighbourhood, in Sector 42 Gurgaon. The Magnolias offers lavish centrally air conditioned apartments with large sizes. this project caters to a very niche segment of society. The Magnolias is a self-sufficient complex with all modern amenities like an exclusive club with swimming pool; steam and sauna facilities; tennis and squash courts, and other leisure and fitness facilities. The project also conforms to all safety standards like fire fighting systems, access control cards, CCTV and the building structure is totally earthquake-resistant.


  • Ambi shopping mall, Nine hole golf course, The Leela Kempinski
  • Business centres, Modern multi-tier security systems, 100% power back up
  • Club with Swimming pool, Modern health club, Gymnasium with Sauna and Jacuzzi

To Buy or Rent Apartment, Penthouse, Independent House, Plot & Villa in DLF Magnolias Gurgaon, please visit one of our offices in Gurgaon or call us at: +91 8826291111, 9268361111, +124 4114948

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