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  • 2277 to 2769 (Sq. Ft)
  • 3 BHK, 4 BHK,
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DLF Trinity Towers, DLF Phase_5 Gurgaon

DLF Trinity Towers is a sumptuous residential complex which is one of the considerable flats in Gurgaon grew by DLF Group. DLF Group is one of the best real estate companies in India having experience of more than six decades by keeping up a maintained development and exceptionally well client satisfaction.DLF is known for building world class land ideas with exceptional method for improvement of residential, office or commercial and retail complex by keeping up most noteworthy gauges of professionalism. Like other real estate projects of the DLF Group Trinity Tower Gurgaon likewise has some world class facilities for its residents which is jewels in the Gurgaon properties. In DLF Trinity Towers you will get a luxury living which is designed by the DLF Group creatively to give you the greatest delight of city life of Gurgaon. Thus you may called DLF Trinity Towers is one of the best apartments in Gurgaon you can get at affordable cost.

DLF Trinity Towers situated at the Phase V of DLF city which is a prime location of Gurgaon city at sector 53. As Gurgaon is close of New Delhi it is incorporated in the National capital territory. Consequently villas in Gurgaon and residential apartments are in great demand for those searching home at a luxurious place. Gurgaon is one of the richest cities of India whose per capita wage is the third biggest amongst the different urban communities in India. Another most important thing for Gurgaon is that it is the main city of India where you will ready to see electricity in each and every household. For these reason properties in Gurgaon has a huge demand. Individuals across the nation would love to purchase villas or apartments in gurgaon.DLF trinity towers is extremely all around associated with shopping centers, Metro stations, market, bus terminal, railway station and airport as well. Shopping Malls like Club Sahara shopping center, South Point Mall, MGF Mega Mall are all that much close of DLF Trinity Towers which gives an incredible alleviation for the shopping lovers. Other than in particular Indira Gandhi International Airport is only a 25 minutes drive away from DLF Trinity Towers. Also Gurgaon railway station and Bus terminal is only a couple of minutes' drive away from this fantasy project.

DLF Trinity Tower gives marvellous amenities and facilities to its residents for which it can be called one of the best Gurgaon properties. At DLF Trinity Towers you will get some phenomenal world class facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, intercom, community hall, rain water harvesting etc. All together DLF Trinity Tower is an impeccable spot for living with all the current enhancements you can get in a rich flat.

Plots Gurgaon for Rent & Sale in DLF Phase_5

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To Buy or Rent Apartment, Penthouse, Independent House, Plot & Villa in DLF Trinity Towers Gurgaon, please visit one of our offices in Gurgaon or call us at: +91 8826291111, 9268361111, +124 4114948

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