• DLF Westend Heights
  • DLF Apartments
  • DLF Phase_5
  • 2610 to 2810 (Sq. Ft)
  • 4 BHK,
  • Rent / Sale
  • 60,000/- to 65,000/- on Rent


DLF Westend Heights, DLF Phase_5 Gurgaon

4 BHK apartment available for rent in DLF Westend Heights Gurgaon.

DLF Westend Heights is one of the residential development of DLF Builders, located at Phase V, DLF City, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. It offers luxurious 4BHK apartments. Project has been designed to facilitate perfect living conditions with optimum light, ventilation and privacy, coupled with fresh and green surroundings, each apartment brings the joy of unhindered living.

Project Details
Number of Blocks: 1
Number of Floors: G+20

Plots Gurgaon for Rent & Sale in DLF Phase_5

DLF Plots Phase-5, Plots Gurgaon in DLF Phase_5 - View Details

To Buy or Rent Apartment, Penthouse, Independent House, Plot & Villa in DLF Westend Heights Gurgaon, please visit one of our offices in Gurgaon or call us at: +91 8826291111, 9268361111, +124 4114948

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